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How High Do Butterflies Fly?

How high do butterflies fly? Please don’t look it up, and don’t ask Siri, or Alexa. I’m not interested in a Google answer, or even Webster’s. I’d just like to wonder about it for a moment or two without the facts, and maybe even dream about it; maybe even question my own small knowledge of butterflies and altitude, and freezing temperatures and such. And, just wonder: How high do butterflies fly?

So, for a time, ever so brief, and before anybody else hears my question, (and looks it up for me) I’d like to be caught up in the beauty of the thought; in the metaphor; completely unencumbered by the facts of the matter, or in need of an immediate answer so that my curiosity is satisfied and finished. Because the question isn’t so important . . . and I didn’t ask it to be answered anyway!

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