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We Can’t Unring the Bell

We can’t unwrite the story
We can’t unring the bell
We can’t undo what has been done
So that the tale is good to tell

We can’t unspeak the spoken word
We can’t reconcile the wrong
We can’t use anger, hate, and rage
With the hope to unsound the gong

We can’t seek revenge for justice
We can’t uncommit the crime
We can’t unwind the ticking clock
We can’t unmarch the steps of time

We can’t tear down the staircase
We can’t unstep each stair
We need each and every hard won stride
To get from here to there

But we can write another chapter
We can build upon what we’ve learned
We can add another volume
On the perspective that we’ve earned

To think that it’s all evil
Is what evil does so well
Change in time within that time
Means we can’t unring the bell

Copyright 2020 John Arthur


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