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First Thoughts . . .



So much has been written about art and aesthetics over the years by poets, scholars and artists, that there is probably little, if anything original, left to be said. The only perspective remaining is that of the contemporary artist speaking in his or her own time based on their individual experience and perceptions to their contemporaries. The experiences and perceptions that I share here are those gained by a singular and passionate study of Art over a lifetime’s pursuit that began in my father’s art studio as a child and extends to this day.

I can make no claims that what I say here has not been said before by others with more clarity or poetic affluence. They are simply my own observations and philosophies as seen through a thousand filters; the end product of which I can honestly and comfortably report as mine own. If my influences are seen and my heroes found out- all the better! You can go to them and perhaps see a glimpse of what I saw and become excited for yourself. Make your own conclusions, leave me behind, (or forget me altogether) and wander down your own trail, get lost, and come back again to a place you’ve never seen before! I won’t care. In fact, I’ll be all the more glad that you’ve found it on your own.

After all . . . it’s the only way.

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