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All We Can Do

In this crazy, chaotic world where oftentimes nothing seems to make sense, maybe all we can do is to try our best to create a thing of beauty; however small or insignificant it may be in the scheme of things. It can become a meaningful counterpoint to the madness and to remind us how uniquely beautiful our world can be. Whatever that thing means to you. Something to get us to look up, and out, and away. Towards God. 


Maybe this thing is different for each of us. Perhaps it’s a simple work of art, or a poem, or a song; if you express yourself in these ways. Maybe  reaching out to a friend or a relative that you haven’t made contact with for a while. Or even to greet a stranger. Acknowledging someone who needs a human touch. Maybe a kind word, or a word of encouragement. Something that takes us out of ourselves for the moment. To share our gifts, to share our love with somebody close. To share the love of Christ. To appreciate who and what we have in front of us right now.

Maybe that’s what a simple work of art really means. . .

A prayer.

A positive expression of hope, of giving, of faith, of love.

Maybe that’s all we can do that really makes any sense.

Maybe . . .

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