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Eye See!

As an imaginative artist, I’m often asked how “It” works. How I get my ideas. Where “It”  comes from. The source for most  fantasy or imaginative work  is usually based in some sort of realistic subject matter: exaggerated and then transformed. (For example: a Gryphon is a combination of a an eagle and a lion.)


But  sometimes, (when I have nothing particular in mind) I sit with pen in hand and wait. It’s not so much ‘waiting for the muse’ when I do this,  as it is waiting for the timing of it all. For all the pieces to come together; for the boys in the  band to meet at the crossroads, to exchange glances, pick a key, and on the downbeat—play. In this sense it is truly a pause for effect; looking for something to come to the surface and trying to recognize what it is when it gets there.

Other times, I’ll simply begin drawing with absolutely nothing in mind; searching for something to show itself. (Its a very tactile experience between drawing instrument and paper surface.) In an abstract way, I’m testing the memory in my hand. Does a hand have memory, you ask? Absolutely! Sometimes the hand has a remarkable subconscious mind. (Clinically, I cannot explain or support this, but I’m telling it like it seems to be.) “Come on hand, do your stuff!”

Physical memory notwithstanding, the hand is often quicker than the eye. (And no, it’s not like a Ouija board—there are no outside spirits involved.) It’s about the hand and what it sees next.

Of course, as a fantasy artist, I cannot pass up the concept that if the hand has a memory, why not an eye? Why not eyes, plural?  Does the hand indeed carry a memory and vision of its own? Or is the phrase hand/eye coordination simply a metaphor? I leave it to you. Or should I say, “Eye leave it to your hand to see!” 

Put a pencil there. Let it hover over a blank piece of paper. What are those loose searching whorls turning into? What is your hand seeing that you cannot quite discern? There’s something there. Look! The eyes have it!

I’m sorry . . . Eye couldn’t resist!

Eye do apologize . . .

Eye can’t help myself . . . 

Eye know . . . 

Eye’m impossible . . .

Eye’ll stop . . .

Eye’m over it . . .

Eye’m done!

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