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A Closer Look at a Glimpse

We seldom see the entirety of anything at a glance; only an impression from which we can glean and elaborate upon.


   Oftentimes a longer look avails us nothing. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by our senses. In fact, we can often become confused, even uninterested with too much information.  Too many blanks are filled in— not enough to expand upon. Nowhere for the imagination to roam. No opportunity to sniff and snort about with the hope of discovering something new, strange, and wonderful. Or, to remember something that we didn’t know we’d forgotten, but will only come to us at just the right moment. It’s much more difficult to simplify the bombardment of our visuals into a very uncomplicated statement that suggests it all. Yes!

   Sometimes it’s only a glimpse; something that we see for second or two and then passes from our vision. Gone forever- but not entirely. It’s then that we are tested. It’s then that we must use what we glimpsed as a seed- a suggestion of something bigger- yet to grow. 

   What did the glimpse suggest? What is it that your subconscious is pushing to the surface to fill in the vision— to make the glimpse a solid look at something that you know is there, but can’t clearly see . . . yet?

   What is it? Where is it going? Do I follow not knowing?

   Yes! As fast as my pen will carry me!

    So, maybe it’s not about seeing more, but seeing less— more simply. More clearly.

   Maybe a closer look at a glimpse is all we need.


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