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The Nightmare


I had a Nightmare last night–

     It was the worst one I’ve had.

But now looking back,

     It wasn’t really that bad.

I mean, apart from the eyes

     That surrounded its head–

And the claw-like hands

     That clung onto my bed,

And the fact that its guts

     Were mostly outside . . .

After-all, there are some things

     Even a Nightmare can’t hide!

But after I stopped all the thrashing and screaming,

      We both sat down talked a lot about dreaming . . .

About how most of my dreams I’d really forgot,

     And of all of the good ones- there weren’t really a lot.

So when a Nightmare comes by, it’s really quite rare,

     So I should treat them, he said, with special great care!

Of course that’s what I did, we had some drinks and some snacks,

     And I invited my Nightmare to please hurry back-

But not right away, because I needed some rest . . .

     Even though that particular Nightmare

Turns out to be one of my best!



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