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The Returning

Oddmentation (2)

Said the Oddmentation to the Butterfly, The holiday is over now, so I can go back to where I belong, and he sighed deeply.

But-but where is that? stuttered the Butterfly (which is how butterflies talk when they are caught up and fluttering in a breeze).

Oh, back into my world; my world of half-thoughts and part-dreams, and so many unfinished things.

But, wha-what things? stammered the Butterfly.

Those things that keep me company and give me comfort daily in my world, he said gazing into the distance dreamily.

Yes, that’s right. Just surfacing for a few moments to do those things that have must needs to be done here during that time, but I so look forward to getting back. I grow uneasy being out for so long.

Well, you-you certainly appear content.

Oh, that’s nice to hear, but there are things going by that I must catch up to, and other things that are stopped that I must make go again. And besides, I’m happiest there.

Well, good-goodbye then. It has been a pleasure.

It has been a very great pleasure to spend this time with you.

Will-will I see you next year?

Sadly, no. The Oddmentation replied knowing that the Butterfly’s life was very brief and knew that they would not meet again.

Good-goodbye! The Butterfly fluttered.

Bye-bye! waved the Oddmentation. Bye-bye Butterfly . . .

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