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Auntie Rose


Our dear Auntie Rose
Got bit on the nose 
By a lizard that came 
Out of a letter

It turns out Aunt Rose 
Had written some prose
About a man whose
Claims had upset her

She wrote of the man
Named Jake Finnegan
Who said he could 
Make anything small

Rose doubted his claim 
So she debunked his fame
By writing to one
And to all:

This man is a fraud
Who we cannot applaud
For his tricks are 
phony and fake

Of course she soon knew
That the man's tricks were true
And the she had made 
a nasal mistake.

Jake Finnegan 
Was a fine Magician
Who shrunk a dragon
to the size of a stamp

So when Rose opened the letter
The lizard got bigger
And onto her nose 
It did clamp 

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