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Each year, I resist the urge to make resolutions, (personal and artistic) and yet I do. In reflection, at least part of me has become the New Year’s Scrooge: I try my very best to ignore the New Year and it’s hope foUNSCROOGEr new beginnings,  and do my utmost to get back into a groove that the holiday has so rudely interrupted.


That’s part of me.

The other part of me ignores the old man on the bench, (the one that finds a negative spin on everything) and forges ahead with hope, a positive attitude, and a fresh outlook.

A number of years ago, I resolved to do a figurative drawing or painting everyday for a year. I believe I did this, ending the year with 365 pieces of art. Looking back at them and the discipline of doing it, I have mixed feelings. Was I just doing it to see if I might do a finer thing? Discover something different about myself and my art? Or just be able to say that I did it? As I look back at the drawings, only a small percentage have quality. A very few show something interesting, and many (probably most) just need to be destroyed. I’m not certain that the experience enriched my artistic sensibilities- but possibly in my collective artistic consciousness- it did. (Repetitive study of any type usually has an unseen benefit of some kind.)

Last year I made no resolution (that I can recall) that came to fruition.

In a supreme act of faith, (and for the record) I am out to thwart this obvious dualism by making a list of resolves. In essence, to UNSCROOGE myself!

They are: (Artistically)

*To create something new each day (I make an effort to do this anyway but can think of no more creative resolve to start my list)

*To write more . . . (I’m not certain what yet)

*To get back into the habit of using my sketchpad (I still carry it everywhere but  use it less)

*To read more . . . (always)

*To learn more and know less (abstract, but I know what I mean!)

*To visit more museums and galleries  (even if I’ve been there before)

*To finish work that I have already started in years past (this would take another lifetime)

*To publish more artwork (at least send it out)

*To be in closer contact with my own Creator (on a daily basis)

And last, but never least: *To exercise more and lose weight! (artistically speaking)

   There . . . you old curmudgeon. I’ve done it!

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