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CCI_000168Karl and Harl, brother Creek Ogres, stood and watched their children play in the stream of life as it trickled slowly but steadily beneath their feet.

“Look at them,” said Karl to Harl, “aren’t they a group to behold?”

“Yes, they certainly are!” said Harl. “They’re really growing up very fine aren’t they?”

“Yes, yes they are. Each one different and unique from the rest. Each gifted and skilled in their own very special ways!”

“Isn’t it amazing how that works? And it seems they’ve done it in spite of us!”

“Hah!” laughed Karl! “Yes they have! And thank God your kids got their mother’s looks!”

Both brothers laughed. “Do you regret anything?” asked Harl.

“Oh yes, certainly I do. I’ve made mistakes, and wished I’d done some things differently,” mused Karl.  “I was never a father until, well, I was a. . . father.”

“Do you think they’ll forgive us our failures? I mean, that they will know we were trying— and sometimes messed up, and . . . ” 

“I think so . . . I hope so. In the end, I think they will know that they were loved. That’s important! And they have been loved.”

“It’s good to be a dad isn’t it Karl?”

“Yes it is! I think we are blessed to have such great kids!”

“Happy Father’s Day, Karl!”

“Same to you, Harl!”

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