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Fantasy Art Recipe- The 20 easy-to-follow steps are:

1) Choose 4 generous portions of very over-ripe Reality (something familiar) and confine it to one general area— a large mixing bowl will do.

2) Add 2 parts of Something Else Real that doesn’t normally go with what you already have. 

3) MIX (but only slightly).  DON’T ADD WATER!

4) Add 2 healthy portions of Imagination. (Lightly blend)

5) STAND BACK! (Squint)

6) Add 1 full measure of Exaggeration: add slowly and carefully as not to disturb       the texture of whatever it is you have going on. 

7) Try to see where it wants to go and follow it there- with care.

8) Add 2 ample portions of Dream Sauce. (Squint again)

9) Add Whimsy, Fancy, and Grotesque to taste.

10) Let it rise, take shape, and take shape some more . . . 

11) Add a small portion of Yourself. (Don’t get carried away: finger nail clippings, strands of hair, and a few brain cells will do.)

12) STAND BACK! (again) Squint . . . 

13) Add a twist of Nothing in Particular.

14) Stir violently- and then with hilarity.

15) See if it speaks. If it does- listen!

16) Let bake . . . No oven necessary. Let sit at room temperature as long as you like . . .
perhaps forever. (It may or may not ever be completely done.)

17) Clean up carefully, saving any leftover mixture for another day- sealed tightly.

18) Stop squinting.

19) Share with friends, family and- especially strangers.

20) Stand back one final time . . . . Enjoy it yourself!

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